Our Team

Anything you want to say about our team. How was your experience in Mexico? How did mexican people treated you? Would you recommend us to people you know and want to get this surgery done?

Our Team

Postby Dr. Arturo » Tue Jun 02, 2009 7:05 pm

We have build our team in order to be helpful at any time to our patients needs.
Our Team has 7 American Great Experienced Coordinators that help patients in many different ways and we have been available 24/7 since several years ago either by mail or by phone.
Two of the coordinators are RN and all of them are familiar with the OR and all is involved with laparoscopic gastric banding surgery, adjustments to the lap-band and also about gastric sleeve, gastric bypass and revision surgeries.
By the way, I do perform revision surgeries for other doctors or for patients seeking a second procedure because the first procedure have failed and so far I have 98 patients with previous Open Gastric Bypass done in the States that came to me and only in 3 of them I could not laparoscopically do a Bypass Re-Do or place a Lap Band around the Bypass Pouch.
I also have done many De-Banding Surgeries for Lap-band Erosion not only to patients that I have previously placed a Lap Band but others doctor's patients.
This information has been manipulated in message boards and forums in order to send patients away form us and toward the doctor that the "facilitator" is promoting.
We also have build a system that aloud our patients to be in permanent contact with us anytime after surgery and this forum is the perfect example of a supportive group since several years ago.
We have also launch an informative Blog with original articles to help you understand how to succeed, what surgery to choose, what diet to have and, the what, when and why complications could arise from any of the bariatric procedures.
We have also a Yahoo Group where I keep my nose out for patients feeling more comfortable in what they post.
I am now also in facebook and youtube for people get to know what kind of persons we are.
In Mexico, we have 11 people working in our team (including me) all along the way for your success,
6 of us are doctors, one nurse and one nutritionist and 3 others in charge of the logistic, reports and for the comfort of our patients.
We are planning to keep growing our team since now we have a second office at Christus and just launch a website in Spanish called http://www.bandagastricaonline.com
Have a great day
Arturo Rodriguez, MD
phone: 011 52 818 3783177
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