The main purpose of wood

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The main purpose of wood

Postby Qizhenbi » Wed Dec 21, 2016 2:24 am

Wood used for fuel is called wood, and in rural areas, firewood is a commonly used fuel. Hardwoods are better suited for fuel than cork because hardwood burns longer and produces less smoke. In Europe, North America's winter, suburban residents will be at home in the fireplace with wood fire to heat<a href="">composite decking material</a>

Since the beginning of the construction of human housing, timber is an important building materials. The ships before the nineteenth century were almost always wooden, and today many of them are wooden. Like the elm in the wet case is still not easy to damage, particularly suitable for use in ships (in the modern water pipe before the invention, the elm will be used to make water pipes.) In Europe, all wooden buildings are Quercus, Including beams, walls, doors and flooring, modern wood with more of the, the doors most of the poplar, pine and Douglas fir.<a href="">Composite Decking Boards</a>

Wood has long been used as a medium of art, such as making prints or carvings, like the totem pole of the American Indian Quarter, and many of China's statues are carved from wood. Musical instruments such as violins, guitars, woodwinds (clarinet, flute), xylophone, marimba, and much more (or even all) are made of wood. The selection of wood has a significant effect on the tone and resonance of the instrument, and the wood of the instrument has many different characteristics, ranging from the harder and firmer black wood Dalbergia (used as the main clarinet) to the lighter but resonant European spruce (will do the violin sound board). The most valuable instrument wood is Eurasian maple, as the violin back.<a href="">Composite Furniture</a>
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