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Not seek hurry up if this entails be more aggressive on the skin. If a greater hurry want is advisable to shave more often but less intensely

After shaving rinse the beard area generously and dry with a clean towel making a slow, gentle massage and circular beard area with a rough towel

Unlatch the hairs embedded with a sterile needle

Applying a lotion postafeitado therapeutic effect or use as a medicine postafeitado lotion (topical antibiotic, benzyl peroxide) Beard Czar If the skin is dry, also use a facial moisturizer

The rehydration in the shaving process softens the hair. The softened hairs are easily cut and the tip is blunt, making it unlikely incarnation.

The skin can be prepared by applying creams or salves night before, in order to soften the hair and protect the skin.

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