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With a healthy, sensible and mature sports practice, you can get where you want, it's just a matter of hard training and clear mind. The term permarexia has not yet been accepted by the medical community, but it is commonly used to define the case of both women and men who, obsessed with overweight are on a permanent diet and are likely to suffer from anorexia or bulimia in the short term. In modern society, many people are obsessed with having a thin silhouette and this becomes the most important thing in their lives. For them this depends on their happiness, the acceptance on the part of the rest of the people, the achievement of their personal goals, etc. and for this reason most of their daily activities, thoughts and ideas are oriented towards topics that relate to food and personal image. This type of behavior, which is partly due to cultural and also psychological aspects, has given rise to a number of conditions that are known as eating disorders. Within these eating disorders we can find anorexia nervosa, bulimia, orthorexia and also the fact of eating compulsively, unable to control the appetite. Well to this list we can now add permarexia, a new term for a problem that is not so much. Permarexia refers to the case of people who live in an obsessive way counting the calories that each meal can bring, they internalize the ways that exist to lose weight in a short time and constantly follow all kinds of diets. People who suffer from this Disorder have their constant attention focused on the energy value of food and do not worry only about eating healthy foods but those that do not have calories. ……TestoBoost Pro
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