My experience in Monterrey

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My experience in Monterrey

Postby bcole077 » Tue Aug 18, 2009 2:10 pm

My experience in Monterrey

I arrived at the airport on Monday and made it through immigrations with only a short wait. After getting my luggage I was met by the driver holding a sign with my name on it. He helped my wife and I to the limo. Well maybe not a limo but a van that was just fine. The driver drove us to the Courtyard Marriot and gave me instructions to have my last meal by 9:00 pm and he would return in the morning at 7:15 to pick me up. The front desk was expecting me and spoke good English. The room was nice but did not have a refrigerator. We arrived about 1:00 PM so we had the buffet at the hotel restaurant and it was good. The hotel had free internet service so I was able to get to my email and conduct some business from the room during the afternoon. Later that afternoon I made a trip down to the bar and have a couple of drinks knowing they would be the last to enjoy for some time. The bartender was very talkative and brought me up to date on the local events and news of Monterrey. For dinner I walked a couple of blocks to a nice seafood restaurant. This is where I would have liked to be able to speak or read Spanish. The menu was in Spanish and the waiter did not understand English. After some sign language pointing to the menu my wife and I placed an order. Upon receiving the order we were surprised as to what we ordered! Good thing we both enjoy all types of seafood. The meal was fine and priced about the same as the US and they accepted visa.

Tuesday morning 7:15 the driver arrived and we checked out of the hotel and took about a 5 minute drive to San Pedro hospital. Upon arrival the driver got my papers needed from hospital to complete and sign. One copy in Spanish to complete and sign and 2nd copy in English to help in the translation. About 20 minutes later I was in a prep room giving blood and nurses taking my vitals. Now do not expect a major new hospital. It reminded me of an older small town hospital where I grew up. It was basic but was clean and nurses were friendly and helpful. They did not speak much English but really there was not much need for a lot of conversation. They knew why I was there and took care of business. The anesthesiologist assistant came by with a few questions and then shortly I meet Dr. Rodriguez. His English was good and he answered my questions and I was off to surgery. My wife came to my prep room and then returned to the lobby during the surgery. They placed our bags in a closet until I was finished with surgery and taken to my room. The operating room again was basic and clean. The anesthesiologist was there and they sprayed my throat with something awfully and started an I.V. The throat spray was the worst part of operation. In a few minutes I was asleep and then in recovery room. Dr. said operation to about 30 minutes. My wife and I were taken to private room where I slept for the next few hours. That afternoon the nurse came by and got me to start walking around the hospital and then Dr. Rodriguez came by to check on my progress. All was well and I kept walking up and down the halls. I had some Jell-O for dinner and took a sleeping pill and was out until morning.

Wednesday morning I was awakened by Dr. Rodriguez, we discussed my diet for the next few weeks; he gave me some pain medication to take home along with antibiotics. I took a walk in a park next to the hospital and around 11:00 the driver arrived to return us to the hotel. We checked back in the hotel and the driver returned in about 30 minutes and took us to a large mall. He said he would return in 1 ½ hours. This mall was a modern mall with a large grocery store. We walked the mall and my wife started planning her next day return. At the grocery store we purchased a cooler along with Gatorade, Jell-O, and yogurt. The driver was right on time and returned us to the hotel. I spend time at hotel relaxing and some walking. That evening my wife had dinner in the hotel and when she returned to the room she had a bowl of chicken broth. She told me the bartender had ask about me and once she told him I had been banded he volunteered to go to kitchen for the chicken broth.

Thursday we took a taxi back to the mall and cab cost was $5.00 US. We arrived a little early and had to wait for mall to open at 11:00am. We spent several hours at the mall and my wife stocked up on size 3 shoes. (She cannot find her size in the US except in kids section so wow...great trip for her) This was about the only unexpected expense. I paid the extra night cost at the hotel but with the patient discount the cost was only about $50.00.

Friday the driver arrived at 10:15 am and returned us to the airport. No problem at the airport or with immigrations back in DFW airport. I was back home in Tulsa, OK around 5:00 pm. It was good to be back in my own bed that evening.

The process was very smooth and I hope this answers some of the questions you might have. Good luck.

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Re: My experience in Monterrey

Postby Mary » Wed Aug 19, 2009 12:50 am

Sounds like you had a great time in Monterrey! I always enjoy my trips down there. You should be off you liquids by now and starting on softs--just remember to take everything slow and easy--this is not a race!!
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Re: My experience in Monterrey

Postby Shelby » Wed Aug 19, 2009 10:13 am

Hi Barry,

Thank You so much for sharing your experience with us! It sounds like you had a great trip and you were well taken care of. Keep us posted on how you are doing with your band!

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Re: My experience in Monterrey

Postby Tricia » Fri Aug 28, 2009 3:15 pm

Love, love, love Monterrey and visiting with Dr. Rod and company. I wish it was more convenient for me to travel there because I would probably make trips just to bug the gang :-)

Barry, we need an update from you :)
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Re: My experience in Monterrey

Postby Tadaah » Mon Dec 27, 2010 8:27 pm

Yes, it sounds like you really enjoyed you experience in Monterrey. It's been sometime since I visited but I also enjoyed myself!

I was wondering if any of you know of any doctors conducting adjustments on the east coast with flouroscopy?
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Re: My experience in Monterrey

Postby sindyciaray » Mon Nov 13, 2017 8:14 am

just remember to take everything slow and easy--this is not a race!!
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