Recommended Food Plan

There are many food plans that you may follow. The important thing to remember is, to eat plenty of protein and vegetables in your diet. We understand that following a certain diet perfectly is almost impossible. That is why we don't want to give you a strict food plan to follow while you are loosing weight. Your diet will change automatically due to the Lapband being placed around your stomach. Your intake of food will be cut drastically and you won't be hungry. That is why it is very important to eat protein first, veggies second, and starches third. You will loose weight even if you don't eat protein, but you will have other serious problems. You may become anemic, your hair will fall out, and you can loose muscle mass. Your body requires protein to operate efficiently.
You can get protein from many sources, for example:
Yogurt, protein shakes, eggs, fish, chicken, pork, red meat, beans, cheese, etc. You may find it easier to eat one type of protein than another. You can have fun learning about different types of foods and which ones have protein (and how many grams of protein they have). Some foods have a higher amount of protein in them then others. Give it a try.

There are lots of different vegetables to choose from. We recommend that you stay away from starchy veggies. One way to remember which are starchy and which ones aren't, is:
The color, if it is white or yellow it is most likely starchy. If it is green or leafy it is a better choice. Though beans are starchy, they usually have a higher level of protein therefore beans are a good choice. Peas are the exception to the rule, they are green and considered a bean, but really are just a starchy vegetable.

The reason starches are not recommended, they break down to a simple sugar and store as fat in the body. Sugar does the same thing. That is why we want you to eat less starches and sweets, and more of the healthy foods. There are some foods that contain a large amount of starch, such as:
Potatoes, peas, corn, pasta and breads.
Of course sweets are to be avoided while trying to loose weight and should never be eaten on a regular basis.
We understand that it is difficult to abstain from starches and sugars. But if you choose to eat protein first, vegetables second and starches third. You won't have that strong desire to eat the things that hurt you more then help you.

There are no absolutes in a diet. You can't do it perfect. It is important to follow the "one day at a time" approach to healthier eating. If you eat the wrong type of food at breakfast, try to eat the proper way for lunch and dinner. You deserve to take care of yourself and provide yourself with the proper nutrition. Don't feel like you have to throw in the towel, because you make a mistake. It just means you learn from that mistake and be careful not to put yourself in that situation again. The only success one can find, is in not giving up. No one is perfect though we strive for perfection.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any more questions about the recommended food plan.