Obessity Facts

  • Obesity is defined in several different ways but we think that the best way to define it is saying that obesity is the excess acumulation of fat in the body
  • Obesity is of epidemic proportions in USA today among children
  • It is a chronic disease that causes more deaths than cigarrets
  • There are more than 45 million overweight and 20 million obese people in the USA
  • Each year more than 300,000 individuals die from cardiovascular-obesity related causes in the US. This number is second only to smoking.
  • 98.5 % of obese patients fail to return to normal lives and normal weight when using only diets and medication
  • Weight reduction and correction of medical problems associated with morbid obesity after bariatric surgery decreases death rates and improves dramatically quality of life in the morbidly obese individual.